Bakery & Packaged Goods

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Packaged Goods and Bakery Items are put together because they go through the same regulatory process.  That is where the similarities usually end.

Bakery items (breads, pastries, cakes) are popular items and, depending on your specialty, need sophisticated commercial machines to make well in volume.  We not only have many of these machines, but we can teach you how to use them.

Navigating the world of Packaged Goods (aka Consumer Packaged Goods or CPG) can be challenging without the right experts on your side.  From large volume production to calculating wholesale margins, this type of product line can be tough to learn, but highly profitable.

Whether it is your goal to take your products to farmers markets are every grocery store in the US, Frontier Kitchen can help you get started and set you on the right path.

Schedule a free business consult with our Frontier Kitchen expert team to discuss if/how your idea can work here, too.

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