Frequently Asked Questions


Can you help me with licensing?  

Yes.  If you have been researching the internet, you know how confusing food regulations can be.  Each category of food has different requirements and depending on how it is sold, there are exceptions to every requirement.  It is impossible to list all of the variables here...come and see us and lets talk about your specific situation.


I would like to rent your kitchen for the much does that cost?  

Frontier Kitchen does not have hourly or single-use rental options.  Our mission is to build strong companies so all of our memberships have contract terms of at least 6 months.  

If I come in for a tour, are you going to hard sell me on a membership in to your kitchen?  

No, we don't do hard sells.  Some products and ideas need more development before they are ready to go to sale...and we will tell you when we think that is your case. Other companies are already too large for us!  Not every product and company is a good fit in a shared environment like Frontier Kitchen and that is OK.  We want our members to be happy here.

What if someone else in the kitchen wants to make my product, too?   

Frontier Kitchen is careful about our culture...we foster cooperation over competition.  All of our businesses are small--fighting with each other just inhibits growth.  Besides, no two people make the same dish the same having more than one cupcake maker just means more cupcakes (yeah, more cupcakes!).  Everyone eats.  There is enough room in the market for everyone to thrive with the right direction and dedication.  We can provide the direction.  

I love to cook, but I'm not a professional that a problem?

Nope, not at all.  Entrepreneurs require a variety of experience in order to succeed...analysts, marketers, plumbers, electricians, Moms and more all have valuable experience that will contribute to making your business succeed.  If you haven't been a chef or worked in a kitchen before, we can teach you how to use commercial equipment and operate in a professional environment.  If you are a chef that has never been a business owner before...we can help you, too.  

What should I expect on a tour?

When you come in for a tour of Frontier Kitchen we will show you around the facilities and ask you about your company.  We are simply trying to figure out if we are the best organization to help you achieve what you want from your company--whether that is work your way into your very own storefront or restaurant or sell your products across the country.  Every company is unique and every individual has unique dreams.  While you are on tour, it is our chance to evaluate you, too.  We are looking to see if you will be a good fit into our community and if we are the right people to help you.

Why don't you publish your rates? 

Our rates are very competitive (often 1/2 the price of our competition), but we don't publish our rates.  This isn't a wish to hide anything, but rather to avoid setting unrealistic expectations.  Our rates are based on your needs; time, equipment, stage of company.  Each package is individualize and training courses (if necessary) may be recommended for the health of your company.  Our mission is always to give you what you need to make your company successful.

Do you require equity in my company?

No, we do not require equity in your company.  You do not have to pay for advise or questions.  Our mission is to help you succeed--the more you want to learn and are open to coaching, the more likely that will happen.  

How do I apply?

Unlike most kitchens, we do not have written applications as we prefer to meet you in person and see if we are the best organization to help you.   We assess our ability to help you while we give you a tour of the facility.  So contact us today!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.