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to Montgomery County, MD late 2020

Kitchen suites allow entrepreneurs to radically grow their companies while avoiding the burden of facility requirements.  Building your own kitchen will run at least $500,000.  Taking over an existing facility still requires architects and occupational permits, HVAC contracts and annual rent increases.

Or...let Frontier Kitchen manage that for you.  Get your own space without the hassles and costs. Run a virtual restaurant, produce your grocery product, running a catering company...the opportunities are endless. 

Kitchen Suites/ Ghost Kitchens

24/7 ~300 square feet dedicated suites for virtual restaurants or product production.  Storage in-suite is permitted and pallet level storage or additional storage is available as needed.  Buildout is complete; bring in your equipment and get cooking.  Equipment packages are also available.  Facility maintenance, hood cleaning, weekly deep cleaning and utilities all included.  Membership is 12-24 months; contact us for rates.  Pre-opening special include basic equipment (limited availability) **

Step Up Suites

For companies too big for the incubator but not ready for their own space, Frontier Kitchen offers “Step up suites”; 200 square foot suite spaces fully dedicated to your business for 12 hours a day (9am-9pm/9pm-9am).  Some equipment is shared (i.e. large rack ovens) and some equipment may be dedicated.  It is possible to run limited restaurant takeout/delivery service from a 12-hour suite. All utilities, training and basic equipment is included.  Facility maintenance, hood cleaning, weekly deep cleaning and utilities all included.  Storage is ala carte.  Membership is 12-24 months; contact us for rates (limited availability).  

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