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Food Safety

Food safety is paramount when serving food to customers and our families.  Having a bad reputation for cleanliness and food safety protocols can harm the reputation of your business and could result in loss of revenue, fines and/or closure of your establishment.  Using proper handling, preparation, storage and cooking techniques can help prevent food born illness and keep your customers safe.


Why it is important

Every year millions of people suffer from food born illness and other food related complications that sicken and hospitalize many, a small percentage of cases even result in death.  Food born illnesses are preventable and an under reported problem in the United States.  

Food born illnesses can pose a very serious problem for certain groups of people who are at higher risk than others and there are a lot of factors that play a role in food safety.  From farming practices to preparation for consumption, each layer has it's challenges that need to be addressed.

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Servsafe Food Manager Training

We offer training and exam proctoring for the Servsafe Food Manager Certification to all food service professionals whether it is your first time or if you are renewing your current certification.  Arm yourself and your staff with the knowledge and training to provide safe delicious food to your customers.  Know that you meet the state requirements for you and your employees.  We offer in class training at our Lorton location to all Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland residents nearby.


What You Will Learn in the Training

  • Safe food handling practices

  • How to properly store food

  • The 8 major allergens

  • Time and temperature controls

  • Food safety regulations

  • Proper cleaning and sanitizing

  • Preventing cross-contamination

  • Proper hand washing technique

  • Good personal hygiene

  • The 6 most common food pathogens

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the class?

The class ranges depending on the people but it is usually 8 hours but sometimes less depending on how quickly we get through the material.

Is the exam included in the price?

Yes. The exam is included.

What do I need to bring and is it offered in different languages?

You will need to bring the following: 1. Something to write with to take notes. 2. A laptop for the exam portion ( If you do not bring one you won't be able to take the exam.) 3. A bagged lunch there aren't too many options nearby for food. 4. The class is taught in English only. If you do not speak/read English well, bring a translator otherwise you will have a difficult time understanding the information and taking the exam.

What if I fail the exam?

If, by chance, you happen to fail the exam we can reschedule a time for you to take the exam portion again for an additional fee.

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