The Kitchen Incubator

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If you are just getting started with your company, the
Kitchen Incubator--a shared commercial kitchen--is
absolutely the best.  We provide commercial equipment  (and the training to use all of it), friendly staff maintenance and operating procedures, and someone to deep clean the facility and equipment for you. 

Full service memberships mean you don't have to plan for expensive build-outs, utilities, pest control and equipment breaking.  We will take care of all of that.

If you are a kitchen pro but new to business, our experts will help you through the back end business set up--accounting, financial statements, licensing, marketing, SOPs and HR procedures. 


When you are ready, we will help you move to your next step.  We will connect you to a network of professionals to help you build your new location, start co-packing or move to you a suite.  Your choice.

While in the Shared Kitchen you are surrounded by a
community of people that have been where you at, are at the same stage as you or will be where you are at. Meaning the support network--the key to every successful business--is built in with your membership.

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FKCAFE C Cold Prep
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