Whether you are a Baker, Caterer, Food Truck, Personal Chef, Make Meals or Make Products, the first thing you need to start your business is a place to make food.  A commercial environment is easier to produce in and demonstrates safety and professionalism to your customers and business associates.

 If you are just starting and bootstrapping your business, start in the Kitchen Incubator.  As a shared facility it is not only the least expensive option, but with a team of professionals available 7 days a week, you can get the support you need to be successful.  Whether that support is learning how to use commercial equipment or how to read Balance Sheets, our team can help you.

If that is you, the Kitchen Suites will meet your needs.  Kitchen Suites are dedicated small production kitchens.  Also called "ghost kitchens" Kitchen Suites are perfect for take-out and delivery restaurant concepts, large meal prep or regional CPG manufacturing.  Pallet-sized bulk storage is available to store both large ingredient orders and product storage if you have large orders.  Kitchens are inclusive of utilities, facility maintenance, permitting, dish stations, bathrooms, food pick up areas, and much more.

Not all businesses work well in a shared environment.  Your business may be too big or require on demand orders that cannot be done on shared equipment.  Or perhaps you need special production equipment and space that cannot work in the shared space.

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